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The following papers were produced by members of the Jarvis Lab or in collaboration with the Jarvis Lab. They are available for downloading.


De novo PacBio long-read and phased avian genome assemblies correct and add to reference genes generated with intermediate and short reads. Jonas Korlach, Gregory Gedman, Sarah B. Kingan, Chen-Shan Chin, Jason T. Howard, Jean-Nicolas Audet, Lindsey Cantin, and Erich D. Jarvis. GigaScience, 6, 2017, 1–16. doi: 10.1093/gigascience/gix085. Korlach et al supplementary figures v15 | Supplementary Figures Legend

Axon guidance pathways served as common targets for human speech/language evolution and related disorders. Huimeng Lei Zhangming Yan, Xiaohong Sun, Yue Zhang, Jianhong Wang, Caihong Ma, Qunyuan Xu, Rui Wang, Erich D. Jarvis, Zhirong Sun. Brain & Language 174 (2017) 1–8. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.bandl.2017.06.007.

A hypothesis on a role of oxytocin in the social mechanisms of speech and vocal learning. Constantina Theofanopoulou, Cedric Boeckx, and Erich D. Jarvis. Proc. R. Soc. B (2017) 284: 20170988.

Overexpression of human NR2B receptor subunit in LMAN causes stuttering and song sequence changes in adult zebra finches. Mukta Chakraborty, Liang-Fu Chen, Emma E. Fridel, Marguerita E. Klein, Rebecca A. Senft, Abhra Sarkar & Erich D. Jarvis. Scientific Reports (2017). 7: 942 | DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-00519-8.

Eliciting and Analyzing Male Mouse Ultrasonic Vocalization (USV) Songs. Jonathan Chabout, Joshua Jones-Macopson, Erich D. Jarvis. J. Vis. Exp. (2017). doi:10.3791/54137.

Novel Insights into Chromosome Evolution in Birds, Archosaurs, and Reptiles. Marta Farre´, Jitendra Narayan, Gancho T. Slavov, Joana Damas, Loretta Auvil, Cai Li, Erich D. Jarvis, David W. Burt, Darren K. Griffin, and Denis M. Larkin. Genome Biol. Evol. 8(8):2442–2451. doi:10.1093/gbe/evw166.


A Foxp2 Mutation Implicated in Human Speech Deficits Alters Sequencing of Ultrasonic Vocalizations in Adult Male Mice. Chabout J, Sarkar A, Patel SR, Radden T, Dunson DB, Fisher SE and Jarvis ED. Front. Behav. Neurosci. (2016)  10:197. doi: 10.3389/fnbeh.2016.00197.

100&Change Citations 

Bone-associated gene evolution and the origin of flight in birds. João Paulo Machado, Warren E. Johnson , M. Thomas P. Gilbert , Guojie Zhang, Erich D. Jarvis, Stephen J. O’Brien, and Agostinho Antunes. BMC Genomics (2016) 17:371 DOI 10.1186/s12864-016-2681-7.

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Response to Comment on “Whole-genome analyses resolve early branches in the tree of life of modern birds.” Joel Cracraft, Peter Houde, Simon Y. W. Ho, David P. Mindell, Jon Fjeldså, Bent Lindow, Scott V. Edwards, Carsten Rahbek, Siavash Mirarab, Tandy Warnow, M. Thomas P. Gilbert, Guojie Zhang, Edward L. Braun, Erich D. Jarvis. (2015) Science 349 (6255): 1460b-1 to -3.

The Origin and Diversification of Birds. Stephen L. Brussatte, Jingmai K. O’Connor, Erich D. Jarvis. (2015) Current Biology 25, R888-R898. In special issue on The History of Life on Earth.

Identification of dopamine receptors across the extant avian family tree and analysis with other clades uncovers a polyploid expansion among vertebrates. Asher Haug-Baltzell , Erich D. Jarvis, Fiona M. McCarthy, Eric Lyons. (2015) Front. Neurosci. 9: Article 361, 1-16.

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Genome Biology

Genomic signatures of near-extinction and rebirth of the Crested Ibis and other endangered bird species. Shengbin Li, Bo Li, Cheng Cheng, Zijun Xiong, Qingbo Liu, Jianghua Lai, Hannah V. Carey, Qiong Zhang, Haibo Zheng, Shuguang Wei, Hongbo Zhang, Liao Chang, Shiping Liu, Shanxin Zhang, Bing Yu, Xiaofan Zeng, Yong Hou, Wenhui Nie, Youmin Guo, Teng Chen, Jiuqiang Han, Jian Wang, Jun Wang, Chen Chen, Jiankang Liu, Peter J. Stambrook, Ming Xu, Guojie Zhang, M. Thomas P. Gilbert, Huanming Yang, Erich D. Jarvis, Jun Yu, Jianqun Yan. (2014) Genome Biology. Supplemental figures.

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Low frequency of paleoviral infiltration across the avian phylogeny. Jie Cui, Wei Zhao, Zhiyong Huang, Erich D. Jarvis, M. Thomas P. Gilbert, Peter J. Walker, Edward C. Holmes, Guojie Zhang. (2014) Genome Biology 15, 539. Supplemental figure 1, 2, 3, 4.

BMC journals

Comparative genomics reveals molecular features unique to the songbird lineage. Morgan Wirthlin, Peter V. Lovell, Erich D. Jarvis, Claudio V. Mello. (2014) BMC Genomics. Table. Supplemental figures.

Dynamic evolution of the alpha (α) and beta (β) keratins has accompanied integument diversification and the adaptation of birds into novel lifestyles. Matthew J. Greenwold, Weier Bao, Erich D. Jarvis, Haofu Hu, Cai Li, M. Thomas P. Gilbert, Guojie Zhang, Roger H. Sawyer. BMC Evolutionary Biology (2014) 14:249.

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Other journals

Convergent differential regulation of SLIT-ROBO axon guidance genes in the brains of vocal learners. Rui Wang, Chun-Chun Chen, Erina Hara, Miriam V. Rivas, Petra L. Roulhac, Jason T. Howard, Mukta Chakraborty, Jean-Nicolas Audet, Erich D. Jarvis. (Epub 2014; 2015) J. Comp. Neurol. 523:892-906.

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