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Journal Cover Photos

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Cover Page - Avian Genomes Special Issua, Science 2014 Cover Page - Reconsruct ancestor avian genome, Romanov et al 2014 BMC Genomics
Cover Page - Avian Phylogenomics, Jarvis et al 2015 GigaScience Cover Page - Birds of G10K commentary O'Brien et al 2014 GigaScience
Cover Page - Budgerigar Genome, Ganapathy et al 2013 GigaScience Cover Page - Ibis & near extinct genomes, Li et al 2014 Genome Biology
Global view of the functional molecular organization of the avia Dopamine Receptors in a Songbird Brain
Cover Photo - Flock of Genomes, Zhang et al 2014 Science Cover Page - Behavioral Neurobiology of birdsong, Ann NY Acad Sci 2004
Pennisi news article Science 2014 vocal learning bird species Cover Page - Mouse genome Nature 2002Cover page - Genome Research special issue 2003