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Jason T Howard

Recent Publications

  • Core and region enriched networks of behaviorally regulated genes and the singing genome. Science 2014
  • Convergent transcriptional specializations in the brains of humans and song learning birds. Science 2014
  • High-coverage sequencing and annotated assemblies of the budgerigar genome. Gigascience. 2014
  • Comparative Genomics Reveals Insights into Avian Genome Evolution and Adaptation. Science 2014
  • Convergent differential regulation of SLIT-ROBO axon guidance genes in the brains of vocal learners.  J Comparative Neurology Science 2014
  • Whole Genome Analyses Resolve the Early Branches to the Tree of Life of Modern Birds. Science 2014
  • Three crocodilians genomes reveal ancestral patterns of evolution among archosaurs. Science 2014
  • Mammalian genes induce partially reprogrammed pluripotent stem cells in non-mammalian vertebrate and invertebrate species. Elife 2013

Research Interests

I consider myself the go to person in the lab when it comes to molecular biology work done in the lab. When I was an undergraduate, I worked in the Immunology lab of Kenneth Roux. During my work in the Roux lab, I did a lot of PCR and downstream cloning. Most of my work was focused on comparative genomics of the RAG1 gene in the immune system of lower vertebrates. Although I did not realize at it the time, I was doing comparative genomics! This was well before genome sequencing took off. For graduate school, I worked in the lab of William Marzluff studying the post transcriptional regulation of histone transcripts by SLBP (Stem Loop Binding Protein). My interest in histone regulation and histone modification is one of the reasons that drew me into looking at histone acetylation in song nuclei. We are using the regions where H3 histone is acetylated to identify regions in the genome where song nuclei are active. This will help us identify promoters that are specific or common to the song nuclei.


From Ann West’s Door of Fame (Data of the Week)

From Ann West’s Door of Fame (Data of the Week)

Before I joined the Jarvis lab I worked at Cogent Neuroscience. This startup biotech company was founded by faculty members from Department of Neurobiology at Duke University. During my time at Cogent Neuroscience I work on developing high throughput assays for discovering theuropeutics for Huntingtons disease. I also worked on identifying promoters that drive region specific gene expression in the brain.

I joined the Jarvis lab because I was interested in how behavior can alter gene expression in specific regions of the brain. For my work in the lab, I have focus on the song nuclei. For my first project in the lab I worked with Kazuhiro Wada on a songbird transcriptome sequencing project. I also worked with Patrick McConnell and Pankaj Agarwal on developing the songbirdtranscriptome.net database. I also supervised students who manually annotated the genes in the database. I later used our transcriptome along with two other published songbird transcriptomes to make an Agilent oligo array. This array was used by Osceola Whitney for his singing driven gene expression work. I also worked with Andreas Pfhenning when he identified human homologs to the genes we found in the songbird brain. He used this information to identify homologous regions in the songbird song nuclei and areas of the human brain by comparing the gene expression profiles. The human gene expression profiles were obtain from the Allan Brain Institute.

Currently, I am collecting tissue and blood samples from birds for genomic DNA isolation and downstream genome sequencing. We are attempting to sequence the genomes from all 30+ bird orders in an effort to better understand the phylogeny of birds.   We are also using the genomes to study the genetic basis of vocal learning using comparative genomics. This project is being done in collaboration with BGI and the University of Copenhagen.

A fun side project that I have is genome sequencing and analysis of endangered animals. I am finishing up a genome sequencing project on the critically endangered Kakapo. I am working closely with the New Zealand Kakapo recovery team, life technologies, and the Canon Research Center on this project. I would like use the genome information to better find markers for genetic diversity. The aim is to facilitate breeding that will help the survival of the Kakapo. I also have several other similar collaborations with other conservation biologists to help species survival.

Contact me:

howard [at] neuro.duke.edu
Lab phone number: 919-668-3537
Visit me at Linkedin

Lab Related Publications

High-coverage sequencing and annotated assemblies of the budgerigar genome. Ganeshkumar Ganapathy, Jason T. Howard, James M. Ward, Jianwen Li, Bo Li, Yingrui Li, Yingqi Xiong, Yong Zhang, Shiguo Zhou, David C. Schwartz, Michael Schatz, Robert Aboukhalil, Olivier Fedrigo6 Lisa Bukovnik, Ty Wang, Greg Wray, Isabelle Rasolonjatovo, Roger Winer, James R Knight, Sergey Koren, Wesley C Warren, Guojie Zhang, Adam M Phillippy, Erich D. Jarvis. (2014) Gigascience 3:11. doi: 10.1186/2047-217X-3-11.

Core and region-enriched networks of behaviorally regulated genes and the singing genome. Osceola Whitney, Andreas R. Pfenning, Jason T. Howard, Charles A Blatti, Fang Liu, James M. Ward, Rui Wang, Jean-Nicoles Audet, Manolis Kellis, Sayan Mukherjee, Saurabh Sinha, Alexander J. Hartemink, Anne E. West, and Erich D. Jarvis. (2014) Science 346 (6215): 1334 & 1256780-1 to -11.

Convergent transcriptional specializations in the brains of humans and song-learning birds. Andreas R. Pfenning, Hara, Osceola Whitney, Miriam V. Rivas, Rui Wang, Petra L. Roulhac, Jason T. Howard, Morgan Wirthlin, Peter V. Lovell, Ganeshkumar Ganapathy, Jacquelyn Mouncastle, M. Arthur Moseley, J. Will Thompson, Erik J. Soderblom, Atsushi Iriki, Masaki Kato, M. Thomas P. Gilbert, Guojie Zhang, Trygve Bakken, Angie Bongaarts, Amy Bernard, Ed Lein, Claudio V. Mello, Alexander J. Hartemink, and Erich D. Jarvis. (2014) Science 346 (6215): 1333 & 1256846-1 to -13.

Convergent differential regulation of SLIT-ROBO axon guidance genes in the brains of vocal learners. Rui Wang, Chun-Chun Chen, Erina Hara, Miriam V. Rivas, Petra L. Roulhac, Jason T. Howard, Mukta Chakraborty, Jean-Nicolas Audet, Erich D. Jarvis. (Epub 2014; 2015) J. Comp. 

Whole-genome analyses resolve early branches in the tree of life of modern birds. Erich D. Jarvis, Siavash Mirarab, Andre J. Aberer, Bo Li, Peter Houde, Cai Li, Simon Y. W. Ho, Brant C. Faircloth, Benoit Nabholz, Jason T. Howard, Alexander Suh, Claudia C. Weber, Rute R. da Fonseca, Jianwen Li, Fang Zhang, Hui Li, Long Zhou, Nitish Narula, Liang Liu, Ganesh Ganapathy, Bastien Boussau, Md. Shamsuzzoha Bayzid, Volodymyr Zavidovych, Sankar Subramanian, Toni Gabaldón, Salvador Capella-Gutiérrez, Jaime Huerta-Cepas, Bhanu Rekepalli, Kasper Munch, Mikkel Schierup, Bent Lindow, Wesley C. Warren, David Ray, Richard E. Green, Michael W. Bruford, Xiangjiang Zhan, Andrew Dixon, Shengbin Li, Ning Li, Yinhua Huang, Elizabeth P. Derryberry, Mads Frost Bertelsen, Frederick H. Sheldon, Robb T. Brumfield, Claudio V. Mello, Peter V. Lovell, Morgan Wirthlin, Maria Paula Cruz Schneider, Francisco Prosdocimi, José Alfredo Samaniego, Amhed Missael Vargas Velazquez, Alonzo Alfaro-Núñez, Paula F. Campos, Bent Petersen, Thomas Sicheritz- Ponten, An Pas, Tom Bailey, Paul Scofield, Michael Bunce, David M. Lambert, Qi Zhou, Polina Perelman, Amy C. Driskell, Beth Shapiro, Zijun Xiong, Yongli Zeng, Shiping Liu, Zhenyu Li, Binghang Liu, Kui Wu, Jin Xiao, Xiong Yinqi, Qiuemei Zheng, Yong Zhang, Huanming Yang, Jian Wang, Linnea Smeds, Frank E. Rheindt, Michael Braun, Jon Fjeldsa, Ludovic Orlando, F. Keith Barker, Knud Andreas Jønsson, Warren Johnson, Klaus-Peter Koepfli, Stephen O’Brien, David Haussler, Oliver A. Ryder, Carsten Rahbek, Eske Willerslev, Gary R. Graves, Travis C. Glenn, John McCormack, Dave Burt, Hans Ellegren, Per Alström, Scott V. Edwards, Alexandros Stamatakis, David P. Mindell, Joel Cracraft, Edward L. Braun, Tandy Warnow, Wang Jun, M. Thomas P. Gilbert, and Guojie Zhang. †Co-first authors *Corresponding authors. (2014) Science 346 (6215): 1320-1331.

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