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In the News

Press coverage that shows the public impact of our research.


ScienceDaily Study of birds’ sense of smell reveals important clues for behavior, adaptation
NU Parrots can mimic speech thanks to special brain structure
Politiken Researcheres: Here’s parrot talk center
Newstalk Moncrieff Interview with Mukta Chakraborty (audio source: Mani Chakraborty, time: 5:08)

The Conversation How the parrot got its chat (and its dance moves)
Bioscience Technology Study Hints at Why Parrots are Great Vocal Imitators
Times of India Mystery of parrots’ talking ability solved
DailyMail How do parrots talk? Wiring in the brain may explain their ability to imitate speech, study claims
IFL Science Why are Parrots Such Good Copycats?
Science Magazine Newly identified brain structure may explain why parrots are such good copycats
Phys.Org Study hints at why parrots are great vocal imitators
Duke Feedstyle New Study Hints at Why Parrots are Great Vocal Imitators
DukeTODAY Study Hints at Why Parrots are Great Vocal Imitators
Braindecoder Unique Structures In Parrot Brain May Explaining Mimicking Skills
The Telegraph Revealed: The secret to how parrots talk
Duke Today Study Hints at Why Parrots are Great Vocal Imitators
The Bird Family Tree Gets a Makeover
BBC Can any animals talk and use language like humans?
New Scientist Did neurons evolve more than once on Earth?
Duke Magazine A feather in his cap
Science Magazine Science by any means necessary
Science Magazine Following the birdsong of science
Scientific American The Bird Family Tree Gets a Makeover
Science World Report Mice Sing Like Songbirds to Woo Their Mates (VIDEO)
Smithsonian Magazine Male Mice Sing Sexy Songs to Woo Females
Discovery News Male Mice Sing Fancy Tunes to Woo the Ladies
The Washington Post Mice sing just like birds, but we can’t hear them
NBC News Hear How Singing Mice Change Their Tune to Woo Mates
Reuters Rodent romance: male mice use ‘love songs’ to woo their women
The Guardian Squeaky serenade: male mice woo females with song, scientists discover
Huffington Post Yes, Mice Can Sing. And You Won’t Believe How Much They Sound Like Songbirds
Duke Today Mice Sing Like Songbirds to Woo Mates


Science Whole-genome Analyses Resolve Early Branches in the Tree of Life of Modern Birds
Washington Post Birdsong and human speech turn out to be controlled by the same genes
LiveScience Birds Evolved in ‘Big Bang,’ New Family Tree Reveals
Reuters Feathered friends: researchers unveil bird ‘family tree’
The Scientist Bird Genomes Abound
EurekaAlert! Chickens and turkeys ‘closer to dinosaur ancestors’ than other birds
Phys.Org Genes tell story of birdsong and human speech
AAAS New Genome Sequences Reveal the Bird Tree of Life
Science Podcast


HHMI Melody-Modifying Mice
NCBI Rudimentary Substrates for Vocal Learning in a Subuscine


Duke Today Singing Mice Show Signs of Learning
Plos One Of Mice, Birds, and Men
IBiology Erich Jarvis: Brain Pathways for Vocal Learning 


CBS Scientists Decode Songbird Genome
BBC News Blueprint of the Songbird Genome


NIH Evolution and Medicine Brain Evolution: Lessons from birds and humans who sing and talk (4th article on page)


Duke Today Erich Jarvis Named Howard Hughes Investigator
The News & Observer Prof’s bird-brain research honored
Scientific American Song-Learning Birds Shed Light on Our Ability to Speak


Science Why Does the Songbird Sing?
National Geographic Humans Are Birdbrained When Learning Speech, Study Hints


3SAT Sexy-syllable sound for Kanarienvogelweibchen
ACF Newsource Bird Song
DukeHealth.org Neurobiologist Jarvis Named to “Brilliant 10”
Innovations Report Scientists propose sweeping changes to naming of bird neurosystems


Bio-Medicine.org A bird ‘language’ gene pinpointed
Innovations Report A Bird “Language” Gene Pinpointed
Duke Medicine A Bird “Language” Gene Pinpointed
Advance for Administrators of the Laboratory A Bird “Language” Gene Pinpointed
UCLA A Bird’s Song May Be Key to Understanding Human Speech Disorders
Scientific American Birds Share ‘Language’ Gene with Humans
Bio-Medicine.org Chatty Finches
Eurekalert.org Bird’s song may be linked to speech disorders
UPENN Birdsong and Speech:Together in the Genome?
Pysch Central Bird’s song may be linked to speech disorders
SciTecLibrary A Bird ‘Language’ Gene Pinpointed
The Human Genome Some Special Genes
NIH Learned Birdsong and the Neurobiology of Human Language
Ascribe A Bird ‘Language’ Gene Pinpointed
ScienCentral Bird Brain Gene
Songbird gene linked to speaking in humans


Rita Collwell Lecture NSF Computing: Getting us on the path to wisdom
Eureka Alert! Talking to the animals?
New York Times A Biologist Explores the Minds of Birds That Learn to Sing
BBC – Radio 4 – Leading Edge Why Birds Sing…
BBC NEWS | In Depth | Denver Birds Sexy Songs
Nature Online Genes Sing New Song
The Age Dawn chorus could hold key to man’s ability to talk
The Guardian Bird brains offer clues to origins of speech
Aftonbladet The parrot can explain how we learn language
Medic Media Songbirds help to understand how the human speech
The Connection.org NPR Bird Brains
ABC Radio International w/Robyn Williams Bird Song
Die Welt Learn to speak together
3 Sat Sexy-syllable sound for Kanarienvogelweibchen
Hunter College Neurobiologist Erich Jarvis ’88 Leads New Scientific Studies of Historic Importance
NIGMS Minority Program Update
Delta SEE Radio
SeqWright Participates in Sequencing the Zebra Finch Brain Full-length cDNA Library
I am an African American Scientist
NIH Record NIGMS Anniversaries Marked at Minority Meeting
Just Garcia Hill
Hummingbird Articles
Dallas News
CBC Radio | Richardson’s Roundup
Tiere Brauchen
Profauna – Gehirnstruktur fu”rs
Bilim Utopya
Life Extension Foundation
NSF Images
Leadership for the Future S&E Workforce
Learning from songbirds
AAAS News Release
AAAS News Report
AAAS Women & Minorities in Science Networking Brea.
AAAS What Happened During the Meeting
Bay Weekly: Dock of the Bay
Clever Boy
London Independent
Times Online
Denver Science Editor
The Science Coalition-Duke University
National Science Teachers Association
B-Mail(sm): ARBIRD-L
Duke bird song researchers in the news
President’s Speech: NSF
Silicon Valley Biz Ink. Seqright Announcement


NSF Waterman Press Release
NSF Alan T. Waterman Award Recipient 2002
Duke Magazine-A Scientist in Full-Update- 2002
NIGMS Minority Programs Update
Duke Waterman Press Release Duke Daily Dialogue News ReleaseDuke News – ReleaseINSIDE Duke Waterman
Confessions of a Bird Brain
NIH Record Minority Program
Daily Report Chronicle
Duke University Year In Review


Duke Magazine-Singing In The Brain


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